Educator Webinars

Mark Le Messurier

Wednesday 9th September, 9am to 3pm
Online, using ZOOM

In June 2020, Routledge released Mark Le Messurier's latest work around the globe. Mark has crafted a curriculum filled with guided conversations, practical lessons and engaging activities that link education, the mind and the heart. He moves beyond positive mindsets to immersing all of us into the beauty and dignity of what it is to be human, focusing on kindness, perseverance, optimism, integrity, assertiveness, empathy, responsibility, teamwork, creativity and more.

His work paves the way for educators in schools to take an emotionally responsive environment where young human beings can grow, to the next level. This practical book inspires us with the tools to encourage students to look inside themselves, discover their identity, find happiness and self-satisfaction and equip them with skills they can use effectively in the future.

Mark's practical approach is applied through a humane lens. As he says, "Using our soft eyes and warm hearts" to better understand children's development, emotion, behaviour.

This PROFESSIONAL ONLINE TRAINING day will be comprised of 3 x 90-minute seminars using chapters 2, 7 and 8 from Teaching Values of Being Human;

Chapter 1: A short guide to coach Social and Emotional Literacy (SEL)
Chapter 2: Quick start connections - building trusting relationships
Chapter 3: Stimulating self-awareness and building identity
Chapter 4: Ideas to set goals and champion perseverance
Chapter 5: Nurturing emotional intelligence and resilience
Chapter 6: Developing organisational habits
Chapter 7: The ART of developing healthy communication patterns
Chapter 8: 'Mis'behaviour and humane ideas to influence positive change
Chapter 9: The human brain; activities to celebrate its wiring for incredible growth
Chapter 10: Compassion towards others begins with our self-care

Cost - $200 per person. To secure a place payment must be finalised by Friday 4th September.

To register - download this TVoBH Registration Word doc. complete and return to Elissa;